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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.

Coiin Laundromat Consulting

Your trusted partner for coin laundry

consulting & brokerage

Coin laundry laundromat brokerage sales



Working with professionals will save you countless hours of wasted time and money. Our consultants have nearly 35 years of industry experience to help you navigate the many potential pitfalls of buying or selling a laundry business.  Schedule a meeting with us, and you'll quickly understand what sets us apart from other so-called laundry brokers.


Even if you've turned up a laundry opportunity elsewhere, we can be the knowledgeable professionals in YOUR corner looking out for YOUR best interests.  Learn more HERE.



For many years, the laundry industry has experienced a serious void when it comes to trustworthy options for unbiased brokerage of laundromats and related laundry equipment. Older brokerage firms are still trying to broker laundromats using outdated methods from the 1970's and 80's.


We are the only firm that has consulted on over 800 coin laundromats both nationally and Internationally!

Coin Laundry consulting for Laundromats.



Because of our many years of working with laundromat owners and continually being in the field, we regularly turn up used-equipment opportunities - small and large.  This includes washers and dryers as well as water heaters, bill changers, vending machines and more.


Be sure to provide your 'Wish List' 

HERE and we will be happy to alert you when the items you're looking for become available.

Illinois Laundromat for sale with coin laundry consulting.

More than 50 years of Real Estate and Coin Laundry experience!
Illinois Coin Laundry Brokers and Consultants

Our goal at Wash Broker is to effectively and honestly consult laundry owners and potential buyers on the brokerage of laundromats and related coin laundry equipment.

Illinois Coin Laundry Laundromat Brokerage of New and Used Equipment
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