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Impacting the Community in a Positive Way

Dr. Robert Renteria is making a huge social impact in real time with our kids in middle schools, high schools and colleges across the country.

Dr. Robert Renteria presents at TedX Naperville - November 2017

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, WGN highlighted the work done by Chicago’s growing Latino community.  Dr. Robert Renteria has made it his mission to help kids move away from gangs and look to education.  How did he do it?  Growing up in one of the worst neighborhoods in the country to become a top business man?  His story is inspiring kids who are looking at his words on paper to find a better path.


WGN’s Lourdes Duarte introduces you to one of Chicago’s Very Own.  And the book being recognized was voted the best graphic novel in 2012 in Latin America for addressing youth issues.  For more info on how to acquire a copy of the book, go to

Behind the Scenes of The Miracle Center's Barrio Project Fall/Winter 2015 Session

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